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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

This is an environment management tool that is used to assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of a proposed project.  If you are putting up a commercial, industrial, educational, hospitality or even a residential project,  EIA enables you anticipate the environmental impacts of the project and how best to mitigate them.

Ecocare and/or its consultants have been involved in EIAs for large scale projects such as mining, infrastructure and manufacturing to small scale residential projects and thus have the depth of experience to offer best practice in environmental mitigation measures.



Latest Projects

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment For Amboseli Management Plan

    Assessment of the impacts of the proposed plan for the management of the Amboseli Ecosystem

  • EIA for a proposed flat in Kiuru, Kinoo

    The project consisted of 30 2-bedroom units

  • EIA for proposed renovations at Central Glass Industries (CGI)

    Renovations and capacity expansion sub-projects – Replacing furnace material, construction of a perimeter wall, warehouse and hardstand

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for a proposed development in Tassia

    A block of flats comprising of 23 2-bedroom units and 5 bed sitters

  • Environmental Audit for Cooper – K Brands

    A thorough review of the operations of the facility in relation to the environment, health and safety at the place of work.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed Garage along Magadi Road

    Assessment of the impacts of the garage, carwash and vehicle maintenance facility

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