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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

This is an environment management tool that is used to assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of a proposed project.  If you are putting up a commercial, industrial, educational, hospitality or even a residential project,  EIA enables you anticipate the environmental impacts of the project and how best to mitigate them.

Ecocare and/or its consultants have been involved in EIAs for large scale projects such as mining, infrastructure and manufacturing to small scale residential projects and thus have the depth of experience to offer best practice in environmental mitigation measures.



Environmental Audits

Environmental auditing is an environmental management tool for assessing the environmental impacts of and entity’s activities and processes against a set criteria or standards. It is used to help in improving existing activities, with the aim of reducing any adverse effects of these activities on the environment. We assist our clients in assessing water and energy use, waste generation and management, occupational health and safety and general environmental performance.



Occupational  Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health is concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The goals of occupational safety and health programs are to foster a safe and healthy work environment.




Energy Management

The cost of energy is a major expense for many  establishments and can have significant impact on pricing and profitability. Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in an entity to ensure  optimal energy use.

This process helps an entity reduce their energy costs and reduce carbon emissions which damage the environment.



Strategic Environmental Assesment

This is an environmental management tool that is used to assess the environmental impacts of proposed policies, plans and programmes. It is conducted prior to implementation of large scale/sector wide policies, plans and programmes to understand their environmental and social impacts.

The input is used to improve the policy, plans and programmes with an aim of reducing anticipated adverse environmental impacts before implementation.



Environmental and Social Due Diligence

This is done for Institutions to ensure that the transactions they engage in have minimal adverse environmental and social risks. This process involves reviewing the proposed business activities of a client/investee to ensure that the transaction does not have environmental and social risks which would result in financial loss to an institution. Ecocare advises its clients on the environmental and social risks associated with a project and enable the  client make an informed investment decision.



Waste Management

 Business entities and households  need to be responsible for their own waste. By designing and implementing a good waste management plan, a business makes substantial savings with little or no additional costs. We assist our clients develop and implement waste minimisation and management strategies.




Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

As business entities give back to the community in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, it is important to ensure that the projects they initiate will exist for a long time (sustainable) and will have a lasting impact on the target community. We guide entities on activities that are relevant to the community and ways of extending the impacts on the target group.



Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS)

This is a set of policies, procedures, tools and to identify and manage an entity's  exposure to the environmental and social risks emanating from its activities or those of its clients. We assist our clients to identify and describe roles, responsibilities and staff capacity required for the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Systems.




Training and Research

Ecocare Africa provides training on a wide range of areas including environmental awareness, waste management, water conservation, energy management and occupational health and safety. We have  been involved in a number of baseline studies and research on  areas of interest to our clients



Latest Projects

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment For Amboseli Management Plan

    Assessment of the impacts of the proposed plan for the management of the Amboseli Ecosystem

  • EIA for a proposed flat in Kiuru, Kinoo

    The project consisted of 30 2-bedroom units

  • EIA for proposed renovations at Central Glass Industries (CGI)

    Renovations and capacity expansion sub-projects – Replacing furnace material, construction of a perimeter wall, warehouse and hardstand

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for a proposed development in Tassia

    A block of flats comprising of 23 2-bedroom units and 5 bed sitters

  • Environmental Audit for Cooper – K Brands

    A thorough review of the operations of the facility in relation to the environment, health and safety at the place of work.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed Garage along Magadi Road

    Assessment of the impacts of the garage, carwash and vehicle maintenance facility

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